Movie Reviews – Honest Movie Reviews to Help You Pick Better and Save Time


Honest movie reviews help the average movie-goers make good decisions and spend their time and money wisely on movies that they will thoroughly enjoy. Today there are an abundance of movie reviews appearing in regular magazines, newspaper supplements, specialty magazines, and websites. There are hundreds of movie reviews sites that offer movie reviews on films of all genres.

Movie reviews will be based on the opinionated and personal preferences of the reviewer. There are also passionate movie-goers who review movies. Reviews by these people detail the emotion that they experience while they were watching the movie. Readers of movie reviews, who share the passion of the reviewers, get a clear idea of what they can expect from the movie. Such reviews will not narrate the story line, but tell the readers what they want to hear about the movie. These passionate reviews are often the best movie reviews.

Movie going is mainly about the experience. A movie review must portray the exact feeling experienced while seeing the movie. The review must also make the reader feel enthused about watching the movie, but only if it is worthwhile. If the movie is not worth it, the reviewer must communicate this.

Ratings, usually on a five-star or a ten-star scale, appear beside all movie reviews. This rating is fairly useful, but it is only a number. It does not account for the experience that the reviewer had while watching the movie. Then again, this rating system is unavoidable when looking for movie reviews.

There are also other recommendations like ‘Watch today’, ‘Wait until video is out’ and ‘Not worth the trouble’. Self-describing recommendations are often the best one-line movie reviews. Movie reviews don’t just tell about the USCCB or MPAA ratings or the story line. They capture the imagination of the reader without revealing too much of the story line and make him or her feel like actually seeing the movie.

Read passionate reviews, including the opinion of reviewers, solely from the angle of a movie-goer. If these are the type of movie reviews that you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We also always list details such as the director, cast, and MPAA ratings. Our movie reviews are always based on a personal opinion of what is attractive in a movie or why it may not be worth your time.

Unlike movie reviews in specialty magazines, there is no cost involved other than spending the time to read it. We have an extensive list of new first-run movies and the movies that are now available for purchase.

Movie reviews are also best when not confined into checklists like the quality of acting, sound, visual effects, camera, and direction. The reviewer has to convey his or her feelings to the audience. It is quite easy to give ratings on a five or ten-star scale. Actually conveying your feel on the movie is another thing. Movie reviews should be the communication of the opinion of the movie-goer to fellow movie-goers. Only then shall the write-up qualify as a movie review.

When writing movie reviews, the reviewers never forget to include vital information like the title, director, cast, and rating (MPAA) in a list or box format.

Movie reviewers too are as diverse as the movie genres. Some reviewers are hardcore science fiction fans, while others enjoy musical comedies more. Movie-goers need to know which movies to take their children to and which movies are best avoided.