We Trust Our Children Even More Now


I have not been very pleased about my two daughters becoming close to their female cousins. Their cousins are troublemakers. So, I have felt the need to watch out for my girls by using a Snapchat hack so that I can make sure that they are not up to things they should not be doing. It is a little app that anyone can use. My dad is 94, and I bet he would not have any problems using it! I was nervous about it, but there was no reason to be because it works like a charm. By using it, I can now see what good girls I have, and they have good heads on their shoulders.

When my brother and I found out that our wives had both become pregnant at the same time sixteen years ago, we both thought that was pretty cool. We all liked the fact that our kids would grow up together. Then, two years later, our wives both became pregnant again at the same times again! So, all of our kids really are near the same age. However, my brother and his wife are really lax with their kids and let them get away with a lot. Read More