Things Are Going Well for Me


Of course I have been really working as hard as I can for the past few months. I have been on this new diet and working out really hard all summer. Of course it has been easy for me. My girlfriend has a rich dad who is a Peoria Chiropractors and we have spent the entire summer at Smith Mountain Lake. We have been doing a great deal of skiing and I have been swimming around a mile and a half per day on average. It is not all at once, but instead I have been getting up early every morning and swimming across this little cove and back. It is probably about a quarter of a mile across that cove and back, so it is not so much as to be a risky thing to try and it is long enough to get a lot of work in. Read More

A Walk with My Dog Led Me to the Chiropractor


I have taken a lot of hard hits to my body because I love sports. In the fall and winter months, I have been tackled hard by guys weighing close to 300 pounds. I have been knocked over on the basketball court, and I have slid into a base more times than I can count. Not once did I ever get hurt to the point I needed medical attention or to see one of the many Santa Maria chiropractors in the area. No, leave it to me to survive all of those hits without a scratch, but to fall hard during a simple walk with my dog.

My pooch and I are best buddies, and we go on at least one long walk a day. Read More

Anxiety About Seeing a Chiropractor


When I was young I was very active. I would run everywhere I needed to go. I would swim all summer long. I would ride bikes until it was too dark to see in front of me. As an adult I became far more sedentary. My interests turned to more laid back pursuits, like reading and playing video games or watching movies with friends. After a minor accident in college I developed back pain. I figured it would go away with time but it did not. So when I moved out to California I found a chiropractor in Santa Barbara. I was able to make an appointment right away and see someone the week after I moved in.

I tend to be a bit anxious about doctor’s appointments. So waiting for the day of the appointment was the hardest part. I worried that my back would feel worse afterward or that after all this anticipation and nervousness I wouldn’t have any change to my symptoms at all. Read More