A Walk with My Dog Led Me to the Chiropractor


I have taken a lot of hard hits to my body because I love sports. In the fall and winter months, I have been tackled hard by guys weighing close to 300 pounds. I have been knocked over on the basketball court, and I have slid into a base more times than I can count. Not once did I ever get hurt to the point I needed medical attention or to see one of the many Santa Maria chiropractors in the area. No, leave it to me to survive all of those hits without a scratch, but to fall hard during a simple walk with my dog.

My pooch and I are best buddies, and we go on at least one long walk a day. I decided to take him to a nature trail as a treat to both of us, which was my first mistake. Nature trails usually means there are critters there, like bunnies and squirrels, and my best buddy took off after one. I usually react quickly to this, but I went down hard because it was so unexpected. I knew immediately that something was wrong, and we managed to limp back to the car together.

I was able to get into the chiropractor right away, and he took X-rays to make sure I did not have any serious injuries that would require a trip to the hospital. Everything looked fine on the images, so he explained to me what adjustments are, and he gave me one. I could hear something pop, and instant relief came. I had no idea that it would be fixed as quickly as that, and I was so relieved because it really is the hardest hit that I have ever taken. It’s just embarrassing to me that it was a dirt trail that did me in rather than a couple of 300 pound guys tackling me as I go for a touchdown!