Things Are Going Well for Me


Of course I have been really working as hard as I can for the past few months. I have been on this new diet and working out really hard all summer. Of course it has been easy for me. My girlfriend has a rich dad who is a Peoria Chiropractors and we have spent the entire summer at Smith Mountain Lake. We have been doing a great deal of skiing and I have been swimming around a mile and a half per day on average. It is not all at once, but instead I have been getting up early every morning and swimming across this little cove and back. It is probably about a quarter of a mile across that cove and back, so it is not so much as to be a risky thing to try and it is long enough to get a lot of work in. I have been doing it three times per day and when I feel like it I have been doing a bit longer route.

Water skiing is a pretty good work out as well, especially if you do it until you are tired. The only problem is that it takes up a good bit of gas to do it. It is not as though the girlfriend’s rich Dad is going to give me a place to stay with a lot of food and then put lots and lots of gas in the boat. Meg and I are not overdoing this. She does not want to get kicked off the gravy train and I do not have a vote in the matter. I just go along with it and try to make my own money last me until we get back to school. I should be getting my Pell grant money pretty soon, but obviously that is not for blowing on summer vacation.