I Am Doing Pretty Well at School


Right now I am sort of in a mode where I am not really struggling too bad at school, but I sort of figured out how to balance things out and that I need to work at it harder than I had been. At any rate I also managed get a better balance of classes, with some of them vastly less difficult than the others. In order to get my computer science degree there is going to be some hard work involved, but right now I am doing virtual families 2 cheats in one class. The professor is interested in security flaws and that was one which I knew a little bit about, so I decided to focus on that. I was surprised at how interested he was in the idea. In fact I got that done rather easily and it gave me a good deal of breathing space in which to work on my other classes, especially the ones which involve real struggles for me.

Of course I am still living at home, but I have a girlfriend and she would be willing to let me stay with her. I am worried that it is too soon for that and besides that I sort of get annoyed by the way that she leaves her clothes all over the place and does not really clean up her kitchen. That makes me think that if we were living in her place I might end up not having a girlfriend and she has a lot of really great qualities in all the other areas of being a girlfriend. I have been driving to her place and parking my car there in the mornings, since she lives within easy walking distance of the campus and it is almost impossible to find a parking place there.