My New Store is a Lot of Work for Me to Handle


After our oldest child moved out of the house when she reached the age of 19, I found myself wanting to work again. My husband rented a retail space for me so that I could run a store. I was handling everything without help at first, but it was too much. I asked him to check into some cleaning services in Singapore so that I can free myself up to take care of other things at the store. I had originally planned to be as frugal as possible and try to do most things without help, but you can’t run a small, but very busy, store easily without any extra help at all.

I knew that many of the people in our area would like the fact that I opened a used bookstore. I didn’t realize that people were desperate for this type of business, though. After opening the doors for the very first time, word spread fast. I have had a steady stream of visitors every day for the past six months. I spend a lot of time helping customers find books that will interest them. I often have to share what I know about the authors of many books to customers who are curious. Read More

My Father Taught Me a Very Valuable Lesson About School


I had no troubles in school up through the 12th grade. I applied myself and got great grades, but I had no idea just how hard going to a university would be after that. I was not doing well at all when I first entered college, and it was embarrassing. My dad paid for O level physics tuition for me after he learned that I was failing. He knew that I was giving it my all, but he also noticed that I hid the fact that I was not doing so good in school from him. He explained that you must never try to keep it to yourself when you need help. Read More

A Beetle Infestation Killed My Tree


I never realized that an insect could kill a tree. I know that just one could not do it, but a swarm of one type of insect can do enough damage to actually kill a tree. That is what happened to us. There used to be a very large oak tree out back.It was far enough back that I never really noticed anything amiss with it. It was not until I went back to pick up some limbs that had come down from a storm that I knew I needed to call a Suffolk County tree service to help me figure out what was wrong with the tree.

Up close, it did not look healthy at all. There were splotches of something all over it, and it just looked odd to me. I had never had to call a tree service before, so I went online to a local review site. It is a really neat community site where people rate all the local companies. I knew that I would find the best tree service this way. Read More

Cutting Down a Tree to Get a Better View and for Safety Reasons


We have a nice view in our back yard. Our kitchen window faces the back yard. We decided to put in a large bay window where we could have a table and seating to be able to look out while we have our breakfast. The sun comes up on that side of the house and looks great in the mornings. Before we could put in the new window, we called a Queens tree removal service to come out and take down a big oak tree that was just outside the window we were replacing. That old tree was huge and blocked the view from the window we were replacing.

After they cut down the big old oak, we kept a couple of slices of the main trunk to make tables. Read More