My Father Taught Me a Very Valuable Lesson About School


I had no troubles in school up through the 12th grade. I applied myself and got great grades, but I had no idea just how hard going to a university would be after that. I was not doing well at all when I first entered college, and it was embarrassing. My dad paid for O level physics tuition for me after he learned that I was failing. He knew that I was giving it my all, but he also noticed that I hid the fact that I was not doing so good in school from him. He explained that you must never try to keep it to yourself when you need help. There’s a man nearby who runs physics tutoring classes, and dad told me that I would get all the help I needed there if I stuck with the extra course help

My parents and I are close, but my parents do not mess around when it comes to school. They push me and my siblings to do well in school no matter what is going on in life. No one in our family has graduated from college before, and my mom and dad hope that my siblings and I will be the first ones to do it. We have all seen many family members have trouble in life due to not going to college. My parents did not make it past the 12th grade when it came to their schooling, and they have to work at really hard jobs because of that.

I was a bit nervous about the tutoring courses that dad signed me up for. I feared that I would fail even with a tutor’s help. However, dad had the right idea because everything became more clear with every extra class that I took. I found myself wishing that the instructor there could also be my instructor in my physics course at my university! Any fear that I had at first quickly subsided as I found myself understanding my nightly homework so much better over time.