My New Store is a Lot of Work for Me to Handle


After our oldest child moved out of the house when she reached the age of 19, I found myself wanting to work again. My husband rented a retail space for me so that I could run a store. I was handling everything without help at first, but it was too much. I asked him to check into some cleaning services in Singapore so that I can free myself up to take care of other things at the store. I had originally planned to be as frugal as possible and try to do most things without help, but you can’t run a small, but very busy, store easily without any extra help at all.

I knew that many of the people in our area would like the fact that I opened a used bookstore. I didn’t realize that people were desperate for this type of business, though. After opening the doors for the very first time, word spread fast. I have had a steady stream of visitors every day for the past six months. I spend a lot of time helping customers find books that will interest them. I often have to share what I know about the authors of many books to customers who are curious. I do all of the bookkeeping. I buy all the books and unpack and sort them when they arrive, too. I was doing all of the cleaning on top of that.

The store closes at 8PM each night but I quickly learned that I could not make it home on a nightly basis until around 11 o’clock. I was worn out. I was spending a couple of hours every night working on keeping things clean on top of all my other closing duties. My husband missed seeing me each night because I would often come home and just fall into bed to go to sleep. Now that he’s hired someone to help me with cleaning, I get home at 9PM regularly now!