The Proof is Easy to See


My hair started to thin when I hit my 30s and I wasn’t sure why. I went to a doctor but he couldn’t figure it out either. I had the option of getting some hair implants or trying a product that was advertised as treating hair loss. Since I couldn’t pay for the implants, I turned to the product. I didn’t know anyone who had actually tried the product, so the best thing I could use to gauge if it was actually worth using was Keranique reviews from the Internet.

The reviews left by people were overwhelmingly positive, which is something that I didn’t expect. I expected to see an even split of people who were pleased with the product and some who weren’t but pretty much everyone liked it. I even saw some videos of people who used the product over the course of a couple of months and it actually worked for them. They documented each day so it was possible to see just how the hair was growing in while they were using the product. There was really no other option for me, so I decided to put my faith in the product and ordered some.

I figured I would try to make a little money on the side while using the product, so I created a series of videos documenting my own hair growth while using the product, just like the other people that I watched online. I estimated that if I were able to get enough clicks from views of people, then I would be able to make back the amount of money that I spent on the product and then some. As time passed, more and more of my hair grew back until the signs of thinning were completely gone, and I gained lots of viewers.