It Was Simple to Find a Way to Get Answers So That I Could Protect Myself


It is important to look out for yourself if you feel someone you are in a relationship with someone who is doing something that could hurt you. So, that’s why I made good use of a Snapchat hack app that I read about online. I didn’t know that type of app evenexisted! I had been doing an online search about how to check someone’s Snapchat because I felt that my boyfriend was using that app to communicate with someone that he had been cheating with.

I had never lived with another guy until my boyfriend and I moved in together. He had been couch-surfing at his different friend’s apartments up until the day he moved in with me. That alone should have told me something, but I was so in love that I ignored the red flags. Once he moved in, he didn’t want to be part of a team with me. Read More