It Was Simple to Find a Way to Get Answers So That I Could Protect Myself


It is important to look out for yourself if you feel someone you are in a relationship with someone who is doing something that could hurt you. So, that’s why I made good use of a Snapchat hack app that I read about online. I didn’t know that type of app evenexisted! I had been doing an online search about how to check someone’s Snapchat because I felt that my boyfriend was using that app to communicate with someone that he had been cheating with.

I had never lived with another guy until my boyfriend and I moved in together. He had been couch-surfing at his different friend’s apartments up until the day he moved in with me. That alone should have told me something, but I was so in love that I ignored the red flags. Once he moved in, he didn’t want to be part of a team with me. He didn’t want to work in order to help me pay the rent, buy food or pay any other bills. Then, he started coming home later and later each night, and he refused to share any info about where he had been.

After countless conversations with my boyfriend about whether he was going to get job or whether he really cared about me or not, I finally understood that I needed to stop begging for answers. I needed to be proactive about finding out what was going on myself, and then take action to look out for myself upon finding anything that could be harmful to me. When I used the hack, I found out within only minutes of using it that he was talking back and forth with another girlfriend he has. Earlier in the day, he had talked me into giving him $30 for gas money, and then I found a message that he sent to his other girlfriend stating that he was going to stop by the gas station and then go visit her afterward. That same night, I felt good about kicking him out for good.