My New Store is a Lot of Work for Me to Handle


After our oldest child moved out of the house when she reached the age of 19, I found myself wanting to work again. My husband rented a retail space for me so that I could run a store. I was handling everything without help at first, but it was too much. I asked him to check into some cleaning services in Singapore so that I can free myself up to take care of other things at the store. I had originally planned to be as frugal as possible and try to do most things without help, but you can’t run a small, but very busy, store easily without any extra help at all.

I knew that many of the people in our area would like the fact that I opened a used bookstore. I didn’t realize that people were desperate for this type of business, though. After opening the doors for the very first time, word spread fast. I have had a steady stream of visitors every day for the past six months. I spend a lot of time helping customers find books that will interest them. I often have to share what I know about the authors of many books to customers who are curious. Read More

Trying to Save Money on Bills


I needed to find a resource so that I could save money on my utilities. As a recently retired businessman, my first order of business was to assess my monthly expenditures and try to find a way to reduce them. That’s what happens when you suddenly find yourself on a fixed income. Those bills you used to take for granted because you had plenty of extra money coming in suddenly seem more ominous, even when you’ve saved enough money for retirement. I got rid of some things, such as newspapers and cable television, but stuff like electricity would be a lot trickier.

I never bothered doing much with my power bill except paying it for the last few decades, but taking a closer look now I noticed a steady uptick in my monthly bill over the past several years. I wondered if there was anything I could do about it, so I called the company. Read More