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    Write an amazing 'page turner' of a script that screams to get made. Learn the simple steps to make this a reality.

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    Source the talent to bring your production to life. It's closer than you think.

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    Source the equipment to get your movie 'in the can'. Think you need a $20k camera to shoot your film? You don't.

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    Reach out and grab your audience. We show you how to get your film in front of the biggest audience possible.

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I’d done some other courses and made some short films, but didn’t have a film career. I didn’t even know how to get one, even after spending all that money. I worked for years on one script, but weeks after using this information I’ve started filming. Now I have a real film career making my films, my way. This is awesome!”

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Do I have to go to Film School?

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I was so close to signing up and paying for film school. I had some ideas for movies and had worked on a few friends short films. I’m so glad I got these materials instead. I spent a few afternoons reading through and watching the videos and then got started on our film. I’m so excited that pretty soon I’ll have my first feature shot and ready to edit. These simple materials really helped me focus on what was important and stop worrying about all the other stuff. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.”

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What’s the one asset you already have that Hollywood doesn’t?

Believe it or not there is one thing you already have that Hollywood wishes it had, and it’s not talent or money. This one thing actually gives you a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE over Hollywood and all the other film makers who don’t see it right in front of them. We’ll teach you how to take it and use it to your advantage. This one thing can be used to create better films than anyone else, and make you really stick out in a world crowded with more and more media.
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Real World Film School Training.

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Digital SLR How To video for Film Making

This 60 min video covers the Canon 5D, 7D and 60D, the most popular models for low-medium budget film making in an in depth 45 minute video. Also includes lens selection.

Lighting Primer Video for any film

This 40 Min video covers the most commonly used lights and accessories, and shows many different ways in which to light a scene for various creative situations.

Editing Primer for Premiere/ Final Cut

This 45 min guide takes you through the editing process for two different scenes on Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro.


Our TOP TEN TIPS for any person considering making an Indie Film. This advice includes information we wish we had at the beginning of our careers.


In this guide we pick our TOP TEN CAMERA MOVES that we love and explain them in depth, covering how you can create them on the cheap.


Simple Ideas for Great Movies

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MK OUTLIER film script

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