Things Are Going Well for Me


Of course I have been really working as hard as I can for the past few months. I have been on this new diet and working out really hard all summer. Of course it has been easy for me. My girlfriend has a rich dad who is a Peoria Chiropractors and we have spent the entire summer at Smith Mountain Lake. We have been doing a great deal of skiing and I have been swimming around a mile and a half per day on average. It is not all at once, but instead I have been getting up early every morning and swimming across this little cove and back. It is probably about a quarter of a mile across that cove and back, so it is not so much as to be a risky thing to try and it is long enough to get a lot of work in. Read More

A Walk with My Dog Led Me to the Chiropractor


I have taken a lot of hard hits to my body because I love sports. In the fall and winter months, I have been tackled hard by guys weighing close to 300 pounds. I have been knocked over on the basketball court, and I have slid into a base more times than I can count. Not once did I ever get hurt to the point I needed medical attention or to see one of the many Santa Maria chiropractors in the area. No, leave it to me to survive all of those hits without a scratch, but to fall hard during a simple walk with my dog.

My pooch and I are best buddies, and we go on at least one long walk a day. Read More

Anxiety About Seeing a Chiropractor


When I was young I was very active. I would run everywhere I needed to go. I would swim all summer long. I would ride bikes until it was too dark to see in front of me. As an adult I became far more sedentary. My interests turned to more laid back pursuits, like reading and playing video games or watching movies with friends. After a minor accident in college I developed back pain. I figured it would go away with time but it did not. So when I moved out to California I found a chiropractor in Santa Barbara. I was able to make an appointment right away and see someone the week after I moved in.

I tend to be a bit anxious about doctor’s appointments. So waiting for the day of the appointment was the hardest part. I worried that my back would feel worse afterward or that after all this anticipation and nervousness I wouldn’t have any change to my symptoms at all. Read More

We Trust Our Children Even More Now


I have not been very pleased about my two daughters becoming close to their female cousins. Their cousins are troublemakers. So, I have felt the need to watch out for my girls by using a Snapchat hack so that I can make sure that they are not up to things they should not be doing. It is a little app that anyone can use. My dad is 94, and I bet he would not have any problems using it! I was nervous about it, but there was no reason to be because it works like a charm. By using it, I can now see what good girls I have, and they have good heads on their shoulders.

When my brother and I found out that our wives had both become pregnant at the same time sixteen years ago, we both thought that was pretty cool. We all liked the fact that our kids would grow up together. Then, two years later, our wives both became pregnant again at the same times again! So, all of our kids really are near the same age. However, my brother and his wife are really lax with their kids and let them get away with a lot. Read More

Tracking Jewish History Through Headstones in New Jersey


My nephew is majoring in history in college and I always enjoy hearing him talk about the various subjects he is studying because he possesses such enthusiasm for every aspect and era of history. I especially love when he enlists me in some capacity in his work, whether it is to visit a library in some out-of-the way little burg or visit a historical site, I thoroughly enjoy my time with him. Most recently he asked if I would accompany him across the state line to do rubbings on Jewish gravestones in NJ.

I was always up for a road trip and packed a little bag as I know when engrossed in a project, time passes very quickly and more often than not, my nephew and I have been surprised to find that we have spent many more hours doing a project than we had originally anticipated and should have planned to stay the night when traveling.

I have to admit, doing gravestone rubbings was one of my favorite things to do with my nephew and the history we had already uncovered while looking for civil war era headstones was truly amazing. While my nephew’s parents weren’t particularly keen on spending hours in a cemetery, I found many of the sites we had visited in the past absolutely beautiful.

While my nephew and I are always very respectful when we do our rubbings, we realize not everyone has been as careful so half the battle of doing this project is making certain we have permission to capture the rubbings in the first place. We also carry a digital camera just in case the rubbings are not allowed or placement of the headstone would make the job impossible to do without disturbing the surrounding area. We treat each headstone as if it belonged to a member of our own family.

Trying to Save Money on Bills


I needed to find a resource so that I could save money on my utilities. As a recently retired businessman, my first order of business was to assess my monthly expenditures and try to find a way to reduce them. That’s what happens when you suddenly find yourself on a fixed income. Those bills you used to take for granted because you had plenty of extra money coming in suddenly seem more ominous, even when you’ve saved enough money for retirement. I got rid of some things, such as newspapers and cable television, but stuff like electricity would be a lot trickier.

I never bothered doing much with my power bill except paying it for the last few decades, but taking a closer look now I noticed a steady uptick in my monthly bill over the past several years. I wondered if there was anything I could do about it, so I called the company. Read More

Movie Reviews – Honest Movie Reviews to Help You Pick Better and Save Time


Honest movie reviews help the average movie-goers make good decisions and spend their time and money wisely on movies that they will thoroughly enjoy. Today there are an abundance of movie reviews appearing in regular magazines, newspaper supplements, specialty magazines, and websites. There are hundreds of movie reviews sites that offer movie reviews on films of all genres.

Movie reviews will be based on the opinionated and personal preferences of the reviewer. There are also passionate movie-goers who review movies. Reviews by these people detail the emotion that they experience while they were watching the movie. Readers of movie reviews, who share the passion of the reviewers, get a clear idea of what they can expect from the movie. Such reviews will not narrate the story line, but tell the readers what they want to hear about the movie. These passionate reviews are often the best movie reviews.

Movie going is mainly about the experience. A movie review must portray the exact feeling experienced while seeing the movie. The review must also make the reader feel enthused about watching the movie, but only if it is worthwhile. If the movie is not worth it, the reviewer must communicate this.

Ratings, usually on a five-star or a ten-star scale, appear beside all movie reviews. This rating is fairly useful, but it is only a number. It does not account for the experience that the reviewer had while watching the movie. Then again, this rating system is unavoidable when looking for movie reviews.

There are also other recommendations like ‘Watch today’, ‘Wait until video is out’ and ‘Not worth the trouble’. Self-describing recommendations are often the best one-line movie reviews. Movie reviews don’t just tell about the USCCB or MPAA ratings or the story line. They capture the imagination of the reader without revealing too much of the story line and make him or her feel like actually seeing the movie.

Read passionate reviews, including the opinion of reviewers, solely from the angle of a movie-goer. If these are the type of movie reviews that you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We also always list details such as the director, cast, and MPAA ratings. Our movie reviews are always based on a personal opinion of what is attractive in a movie or why it may not be worth your time.

Unlike movie reviews in specialty magazines, there is no cost involved other than spending the time to read it. We have an extensive list of new first-run movies and the movies that are now available for purchase.

Movie reviews are also best when not confined into checklists like the quality of acting, sound, visual effects, camera, and direction. The reviewer has to convey his or her feelings to the audience. It is quite easy to give ratings on a five or ten-star scale. Actually conveying your feel on the movie is another thing. Movie reviews should be the communication of the opinion of the movie-goer to fellow movie-goers. Only then shall the write-up qualify as a movie review.

When writing movie reviews, the reviewers never forget to include vital information like the title, director, cast, and rating (MPAA) in a list or box format.

Movie reviewers too are as diverse as the movie genres. Some reviewers are hardcore science fiction fans, while others enjoy musical comedies more. Movie-goers need to know which movies to take their children to and which movies are best avoided.

Download Full Movies


Everyone in the Online Movie world is talking about DivX Movies, you may have heard of this term before, but what does it really mean?

Well, If we would ask a techie:

“DivX is a digital video compression format based on the MPEG-4 technology. DivX files can be downloaded over high-speed lines in a relatively short time without sacrificing the quality of the digital video. Often used on the Internet to exchange video files.”

But for the rest of the world, what does this mean (in english please)? And even more important, how does this benefit us when we download divx movies?

Here’s how it works… You have a 2 hour Movie that you want to download. You have a regular DVD file which is about 4.7 GB, if you wanted to download it that would take as long as 3 days to download!

Fortunately, a Codec was developed by a company called DivXNetworks. What DivX does is that it takes that old DVD dinosaur of a file and it compresses it into something 7 to 10 times smaller, and it maintains the high quality of the visuals and the audio on the DivX Movies.

What this means for us is that instead of a download taking 3 days or 72 hours, this process is reduced around 3 to 6 hours depending on your conection speed.

If you want to Burn the file onto a Cd and watch it on your DVD, first make sure your DVD-player supports DivX/XviD playback, then all you need to do is Burn it onto a CD or two, depending on the size of the movie, and you got yourself a Ready to Rumble movie. Just make sure you keep the copies to yourself and not distribute them illegally or sell them and you’re all set.

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is keeping popcorn in your house and wiring your tv with as much speakers as humanly possible :-).

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